Monday, April 12, 2010

Trying to keep a house clean on Spring Break with two kids was work enough, but add two step children and it is the equivalent of trying to stuff a coked out octopus into an eight legged pair of spandex pants. We had my sons birthday party and my only *Make a Wish* request was to keep the house free of Easter basket grass and Pokemon cards until all the guests arrived. Then they could do what they pleased because I would have 10 other kids to blame the mess on. Neverless, it was a beautiful day, filled with beautiful people whom I love more than anything in the world. I have only two words to describe this most perfect of Sundays – Awe. Some.

We basked outside in the warmth of the sunshine, telling stories, laughing, poking fun at one another and enjoying one anothers company. Our ears were blessed with the sounds of dogs barking, children playing basketball and Rock Band, and sometimes me yelling for all the kids to get along or “they would be sorry”. Our noses were inundated with the smells of hot dogs and burgers on the grill. OK, so that part wasn’t so great for me, but it was still a beautiful day.

And today……ahhhhhh, blissful silence. Spring break is over and peace is restored. My mind is right side up and facing forward as the house is filled with the sounds of nothingness. My thinking is free again, my ears have stopped bleeding from all the arguing and whining about how, despite a house filled with every electronic gadget, toy and board game you can think of, there is nothing to dooooooo. No one is asking for anything, arguing over anything or stealing my lap top to download wrestling matches on YouTube. It’s truly a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

And if I am speaking in truths, let me also say I am doing the unthinkable, and I am taking a day off from working out. Because this weekend EXHAUSTED me and I need a day to do absolutely nothing but get my nails done and catch up on the 1001 shows I have DVR’d and haven’t taken time to watch. At least, that is my plan. Because I am obsessive compulsive. And already feeling guilty about not working out before I’ve already not done it. And because I’m a rule breaker. And unable to sit still. Like the 8 legged coked out octopus.

As they say, sometimes even the best paid plans go awry. But, no matter what I choose to do, or not do, at least the day is mine again to do with as I please.


  1. awww, just relax, FN. Everyone needs a day here and there.

  2. kids...I bet that'll be


  3. I so did NOT relax! Unless by relaxed you mean went and got a manicure, did two loads of laundry, vacuumed, did a 30 minute Biggest Loser workout and 20 minutes on the treadmill.