Friday, April 2, 2010

Thigh miss you so much

A miraculous thing is transforming and I must say, it makes me smile a little wider today. Despite my hatred for all things treadmill, my thighs are getting smaller. The odd thing, I wasn't the first to notice it. I sauntered down the stairs in a pair of jeans that were too small on me this time last year, only to have my hubby say, I can tell your legs are getting smaller. If we didn't have somewhere to go right at that moment, those sexy jeans might have come off. But I digress.

I have noticed that my thighs don't overlap one another when walking anymore. They stroll together nicely, side by side, touching gently like two strangers passing in the night. It's a beautiful love story. As time goes by they will grow distant and will hopefully never touch again, but the memory of their past closeness will forever remain in their memories. Ahhhhh love......

A couple of nights ago my husband agreed to accompany myself and the dogs on a neighborhood journey. Being the overly ambitious person I am lately, I pushed myself hard and realized a very important thing - maybe the treadmill isn't so bad after all. It's steady and easy to pace, there are no broken sidewalks or tree roots to jump out and attack you, and when I get tired or get a muscle cramp, I can turn it off and I am already home. Oh, and the couch is much closer when I don't want to walk anymore. 'Cause if you lie on someone elses lawn to take a nap, they tend to not like that.

So, while I am over obsessing on other disturbing areas of my body, and fidgeting on the scale everyday frustrated that the weight hasn't all fallen off yet and that I don't look like Pam Anderson running the beaches of Baywatch, at least my thighs are cooperating.


  1. Lisa,

    Are you taking pictures? I'd love to see before and afters when you're done.

    By the way I almost wet my undies reading random thoughts Thursday. Mental note to self: Wear "Depends" when reading Lisa's future posts.

  2. I took a pic the day of surgery, and I will be taking and posting pics monthly along the journey.

    I love that you are enjoying reading these. I wasn't sure if I was funny or borderline crazy. Maybe a mix of both, but either way I am glad people enjoy my warped sense of humor.

    FYI - I love Robin Williams too, and your post about his insults and your PM's retorts was GREAT!!