Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Mothers Love

I fully admit - I am that mom that goes to her kids school performance and cries like a baby. You know, the one who makes her kids roll their eyes in total embarassment and say "Mooooommmm, stttoooopppp!!!!" Last night my son sang in his chorus concert, and my daughter performed in the school play (with a solo, no less!) and it once again hit me just how fast they are growing up. We spend so much time when they are little wishing they would get bigger so they can go to the bathroom by themselves, or sleep in big kid beds, or tie their own shoes, and then one day.....we take a second to blink.....and they are all grown up.

So when I see them up on that stage singing their hearts out, laughing with friends and waving to me in the audience, I cry. And I know that it embarasses them beyond all believe but I can't stop, because just look at how beautiful my babies are.......

Enough said.


  1. Cute Nija-ettes. How much does your boy look like you! Miss Nija-ette is a real beauty. You're going to beating off boys with a stick in a few years.

    I'm a blubber too. My daughters first day of high school I held it togther till we got out of the school gate after drop off, and burst into tears.Mr. P looked at me like I was a complete moron and asked why I was crying and the best i could come up with was "because in 4 years she'll be in Year 12"

    I think it's lovely you're so proud of them.

  2. LOL I just now noticed, he really DOES look just like you!! WOW!! lol I am slow!!

  3. Well you see, I only say that, because I secretly always wondered if he was really yours ;) LOL

  4. Wow ladies, I guess I hadn't really noticed just how much Ninja Jr looks like me. I always thought he was the spitting image of his dad. Maybe he will get a lucky break after all! LOL

    As for Ninjette Jr - she is already into the boys thing, which baffles me because at her age, I still thought they had cooties. Matter of fact, I stick to that theory!