Thursday, May 27, 2010

I don't have ADD....Hey, look! Vermont!

Everything in my boggled, crazy, 90mph mind wants to write a blog. It wants to write the kind of blog that makes you laugh, cry, shake your head, and pee your pants, but I CAN'T! Why you ask? Because in 24 hours I am leaving for Vermont with my BFF and Ninja soulmate for 4 glorious days. I get to see my adopted family and revel in the beauty of that gorgeous state. In addition I get to stare in amazement at all the pasty white skin, bubble vests and hiking sneakers that clutter the beautiful scenary. I will shop and walk and eat and soak up the lovliness. I will laugh and sleep and shop some more and pedicure my tired feet. I will ride 7 hours in a car with the only person on earth who I completely turn my filter off for, and listen to the porn channel on satellite radio and laugh at all the pathetic guys who call in with one hand holding the phone and the other hand in their pants. We will sing a little too loud to the radio, talk smack about everyone we know and try not to get pulled over for talking on the cell phone this year.

Every other time I have been to Vermont I have either been sick or just recovering from surgery. This time I am going thinner, more in shape and ready to take on the world. I have been trapped in this bubble of exercise and weight loss, and OMG-I-NEED-TO-TRACK-MY-CALORIES-AND-RUN-A-BAZILLION-MILES-A-DAY mode and I am so ready for a vacation from my life.

So, while I would love to post a blog that would knock your socks off and make you laugh so hard you spit morning coffee out of your nose, my mind is otherwise occupied with lists of things to do and pack. Because going on vacation for someone with OCD is a full time job and I can't focus on anything other than making sure I remember to pack clean underwear and hairspray.

On the bright side, it should give me plenty of things to write about when I get back and I promise to post pictures! Hope you are ready Vermont, because here I come!!


  1. Lisa,

    I think you totally rock and this post made me laugh , shake my head , ALMOST cry and I did pee in my pants but I think thats middle age and not you sweetie.

    Have a great mini vacation with your BFF. Looking forward to real pee in the pants posts when you get back.

  2. Yeesss! Mission accomplished! Have a great weekend QIMP!

  3. Vermont is beyond excited for you to visit! Hurry up and get here.

  4. Checking in to say I laughed too, Ninja. Have a great time. Love Vermont. What part are you going to? Supposed to be a great weekend.

  5. Park, We will be there before you know it!

    Chicken, we are heading for the lovely Burlington, VT. I can't wait for the mountain filled landscape and fresh country air!