Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Maestro, please.

We attended my daughters Jr High/Sr High Christmas Concert the other night. The high school seniors had THE most animated band director I have ever seen. This guy came in a tuxedo, my friends. With tails. No joke. He was sporting a bow tie and shiny shoes and he was AWESOME. And yet all I could think of when I watched his hands flail about, his tails shaking to and fro and his stick thingy waving frantically was the movie The Money Pit and this guy:


Only he was doing something like this:

        No lie, this guy was DIRECTING some shit!

And it made me laugh. Constantly. To the point that I was getting the stink eye from other parents. But I didn’t care, because OMG it made me forget the sound of 50 uninterested teenagers making sounds with their instruments that would awaken the deaf.

Merry Christmas!

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