Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life is Sweet...and Ironic...

Anyone who knows me, knows I like to commemorate things with a tattoo. Apparently, I have had 22 life changing moments to date. Today, I made it 23 with an appropriately ironic tattoo that commemorates my new life. It's my ex-fat self laughing at the road blocks and voices of adversity, while my less-fat self appreciates the journey and all it's joys and sorrows. I decided to get a cupcake tattoo that says "Life Is Sweet" as an ode to this new life I am living. Kind of reminder of where I was, where I am, and where I still hope to be.

This is me getting the tat and wanting very badly to kick my oh so beautiful tatto artist in the face for the pain she was inflicting upon me:

It was two hours of mind bending pain that had me laughing, flinching, slightly crying and wondering why I continue to torture myself for the sake art. But the end result was totally worth it:

Life is sweet, and sometimes painful, but the final destination is still always worth the ride!


  1. very nice, i bet you wont be running for a bit now! btw love your new wallpaper,

  2. Yep-I'm loving the new look over here at the Ninja hut.

    You're brave - I am chicken shit. I would never get a tattoo done in one million years and yet here you've had 23 done. Love the cupcake.