Sunday, July 4, 2010

I am alive, I promise!

School has only been out for a couple weeks and I am already completely and totally overwhelmed with summer type obligations. Between dance recitals, baseball tournaments, basketball camp, baby showers, bridal showers and two kids who swear that there is "nothing to doooooooo, and they are boooooorrrrreeeeddddd", I haven't had a minute to think straight, much less organize a blog. At least not a blog that wouldn't make people shake their heads and wonder if I needed to take (more) medication.

We just finished a weekend baseball tournament for my son so that is over at least. This week is the final stretch to my sisters bridal shower, and my son is now taking a 5 week basketball camp two mornings a week. In three weeks, football season starts and shortly thereafter my sister gets married, the kids go back to school and I will sit here, with a totally wasted look on my face, wondering where the summer and my sanity went.

To top it all off, just when I thought I had my writing mojo going BOTH of our laptops shit the bed in the same week. One needed a new hard drive and one needed a new power cord. By the time I got even one of them back I had to fulfill my Facebook and gossip site addictions, and then catch up on over a weeks worth of the blogs I already follow.

Oh, and let's not forget that I am having runners withdrawal. I hurt my knee something fierce - probably the effect of still being a fat ass and not having ran in 20 years - and I had to take a week off to let it heal completely. And I thought I would enjoy having an excuse not to run, but it sucked. I couldn't enjoy yoga as much, and everytime I walked the treadmill I just wanted to hike up the speed and run it out. I tried once, and my knee instantly lit on fire, and I had to go back to a walk. But this week, come hell or sore knees, I am running. In 90+ degree heat no less, but I am RUNNING DAMN IT!! To date I have lost 65 pounds. I no longer have a single stitch of clothing left from my older and fatter life. The rest of it is going on eBay tomorrow and I am glad to be rid of it. I think I may keep just one pair of pants for my bad days. The days where I still don't feel good enough, and I feel like I haven't done enough, or the days where I still feel like the failure that I did 65 pounds ago. On those days I can put on the "before" pants and remember just how hard I have worked and just how far I have come.

And in tribute to it all, I am posting the following pic of me AND my daughter wearing a shirt that fit me before this entire journey began. For prosterity and for laughs.

Enjoy and I promise, after one more day of entertaining the kids and the husband, laying in the sun and being a lazy louse, I will be back!


  1. God invented school holidays so you would appreciate school terms Lisa.

    And OMG look at you and your old shirt ! You're totally kicking arse and look FABULOUS!

    How is work going by the way ?

  2. I never ended up getting the job. The CEO supposedly never signed off on the hire. At least I get to be home with the kids for the summer, even if they test my sanity everyday!!