Monday, February 22, 2010

Because I can....and stuff.

Randomly, I will say this. I love to floss. There is something about the sensation behind the minty string plucking precariously in between my teeth clearing it of impurities that feels like a deep spring cleaning in my mouth. Metaphorically speaking, it cleanses my palate of all ill spoken words, dirty slang or misplaced thoughts I may have spoken the day before. I'm just sayin'.

Secondly, I had a day of adventure planned. And by adventure, I meant I was going to stop watching my DVR'd shows from last week, shut down Facebook for a millisecond, and do something productive like laundry. But I have decided that I will nap instead. And why, you ask with that look of disdain upon your working, jealous face? Because I CAN. Because I had cancer, because I feel lazy, and because I don't have to work right now and napping is my constitutional right. That's why. I will do it unabashedly and without shame or remorse.

And because I just spoke so harshly, afterwards I will floss.

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